Ethan Pszanowski is a young, ambitious musician from New Braunfels, Texas. Starting at age 10 with the guitar, he slowly expanded into other instruments, starting with vocals at 14, later adding drums, and keys. As his passion for playing music grew, so did his passion for creating it. In 2019 he and a few friends started a band which would come to be known as Call It Bliss.

 After performing in various different bands, and managing his own band, Call It Bliss, Ethan realized he wanted an outlet that he alone was in control of, where he could share his thoughts and feelings without the limitation of others having a say in the final product. He began releasing music on his own with his fun February 2022 EP 'Eugien', and followed it with a more serious single, 'Mired', in mid June of 2022.

Apart from working on new music in his DIY bedroom studio, and performing throughout central Texas, Ethan also hosts a weekly Twitch Stream on his channel, EthanSkiMusic, in which he is usually mixing songs, talking with other musicians, providing tips for managing a musical act, and other music related things.
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